Amazing Health Benefits of Marigold

Marigolds (Calendula) is the maintenance of gardens around the world because of its sunny appearance. But apart from this flowering plant, bright color and magnetic charm, many studies have focused on the health benefits that people can get from it.

Historically, various population groups in the world have used well the Marigolds factory. The documents come back as far as Greek and Romanian civilizations as part of their legends. It was widely distributed in all trade routes, leading to its wide distribution in the modern world.

The name you pass these days, Marigolds, was introduced in the early days of Christianity. The people named Mary Gold in honor of the Virgin Mary, who were then shortened over time to "Marigolds" But while it's called a velvet-also "pot Marigolds" or "English Velvet"-in Europe, in the United States it's more popular known as Calendula. To make it more confusing, the "marigold" flower which is popular in the United States is actually the Tagetes plant.

Tagetes Marigolds is also known in Mexico as "a flower of the dead." It is widely distributed and used by citizens through "Dia de los Mortos" or the "Day of the dead, "mostly because the marigold is said to provide the guide light for the departed to find their way home. These flowers are commonly used to decorate domestic massacres or "tenants", which are adopted by families for their deceased loved ones.

These plants belong to different plant varieties. It is a common mistake that these two have changed because of their similar names. But it is important to distinguish one from the other because each of them has separate benefits. To make sure that you are looking at the Calendula officers, it is better to look for its scientific name in the labels. (To avoid further confusion, please note that the "marigolds" discussed in this article refers to the calendula not the marigold tagetes)

Marigolds also has the power to help people get back to optimum health. With many food ingredients and health benefits, it is clear that this plant offers much more beauty alone. Continue reading to learn more about this common plant and how you can use it for your everyday problems.

Getting these health benefits is priceless from the Marigolds.
Apart from its vibrant color that adds to its attractiveness, marigolds can be used to help treat and relieve different diseases. It is traditionally eaten as part of the dishes and tea, sometimes to enhance the health benefits of these recipes, or simply to add a touch of color. These health benefits include the following:

Helps relieve skin conditions. Marigold was used to treat various skin conditions due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It is said to help treat dermatitis, acne and diaper rash.

Aids in healing. The herb is also used to enhance the healing of the wound through its direct effect on the slow healing wounds. It also has anti-bacterial properties that can help prevent infection.

Relieves the pain caused by tumors. Unions, caused by sinusitis, often cause severe pain due to pouch cyst inflammation. This is often dealt with by injection, surgery or paddled. As an alternative to treating people who are not open for surgery for this, the marigolds can be used in situ to reduce pain and inflammation.

Promote detoxification. Studies indicate that marigolds can help in the detoxification process and eliminate toxic substances that have accumulated over time in the body. This cleansing does not only benefit the digestive tract, but also the lymphatic system by stripping the tissues of the body and clearing it.

Aids in painful menstruation. Marigold offers advantages for the proper organization of operations in the female reproductive system. It helps to relieve menstrual pains and difficulties. Also noted to help regulate the production of estrogen.

How do You Use Marigolds?
Many people often use plush marigolds for decorative purposes. But apart from the bright and attractive flowers, this plant can be used in other ways. Here are some techniques on how to put plush for good use:

Like remorse. These herbs are commonly used to relieve dizziness and headaches. For people who are in these circumstances, the common dosage of this drug is 3 teaspoons, and is taken thrice a day. However, to make sure that you only get the right amount, you better consult a health practitioner to get the right dose.

Also pumping herbs. Herbal marigolds injections are usually swallowed to help deal with gastritis, ulcers and internal conditions caused by inflammation. Tincture is also used to help install the menstrual cycle.

• As a solution to the topics. Extracts of this herb are used to treat wounds, burns and insect bites. It helps to heal and protect through its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.

Also washes the eye. The cold injection was used as a washer for people who suffer from eye fury. It helps calm and cool tense eyes. It is also commonly used to help conjunctivitis.

Marigolds Add Color Not Only to Your Garden but Your Health, too
The marigolds are commonly found in gardens and plant boxes to show an attractive appearance in the houses. While it is often overlooked by a seasoned green thumb because of its ubiquitous nature, it's still a good idea to cultivate these flowering plants in your garden or yard. Not only will the marigolds add to the vitality of your garden, but it will also allow you to take advantage of this herb when needed. Follow this guide on how to grow and care for your marigold plants:

• Find a part of your garden with abundant sunlight. Marigolds needs a lot of sunshine to flourish. It also grows better in temperate soil and well-drained fertility.

• Sowing of plush seeds in the garden when the soil is warm, during the spring or summer. You also have the option of germinating them indoors for four to six weeks before spring frost.

• When watering the soil, it is better to water the plants well and let the soil completely dry before watering it back. Avoid watering the plants from the top. Instead, water them at the base of the plant.

• The seeds of the Germanic marigolds easily. Wait to grow seedlings to about 2 inches long, and then plant them in an apartment, and the soil is loose 2 to 3 feet apart. Waiting for plants to produce flowers and harvest accordingly.

You can also cultivate Marigolds as a land cover. The gardeners have observed that they have the ability to repel nematodes, or that the microworm is found underground. It was also observed that the pungent and exotic scent of the flowers to repel insects and other pests.

Amazing Health Benefits of Marigold Flowers

The Health Benefits of Eating Dandelion Greens

The Health Benefits of Eating Dandelion Greens

While Dandelion is likely to be less than welcome to your garden during the warmer months, you should be more than welcome on your plate. Lush greens offer bitter flavor, which works well raw or cooked. They're low in calories -every 2- cup serving contains only 50 calories - comes with a packed with vitamins and other important nutrients for good health. Add dandelion to your diet to reap the health benefits of the impressive nutrient content.

Lutein and Ziaxanthine

Dandelion greens come loaded with Lutein and Ziaxanthin, two important nutrients to healthy eyes. Two cups of green dandelion-a service volume that counts 1 cup of vegetables, under the food guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture-provide 15 milligrams of lutein and Ziaxanthin. All of the nutrients are light filter because it enters your eyes to protect the tissue of the eye from the damage caused by the light. At least 12 milligrams, combining Lutein and Ziaxanthine daily, consume the risk of cataracts and age-related degeneration of cells, according to the American Optometric Measurement Association.

Vitamins A and K

Dandelion Greens also provide large amounts of vitamins A and K. Both nutrients affect your blood. Vitamin K regulates the formation of blood clots, while vitamin A supports the growth of new blood cells. Vitamin A also plays a role in the function of the eye and supports the immune system, while vitamin K helps to maintain healthy bones. Each service of the Dandelion Greens boasts the content of vitamin A of 11,177 international units and vitamin K content of 856 μg. This gives you a full daily recommended food for both, according to the Institute of Medicine.

Calcium and Vitamin C

Integrate dandelion greens into your diet as an excellent source of vitamin C, as well as a plant-friendly source of calcium. Vitamin C and calcium are both positively impacting your bones-you need calcium to maintain bone density and rely on vitamin C to produce collagen, making your bones resistant to damage. Both nutrients also support cell neural communication and contribute to the function of the nervous system. A service of dandelion greens provides 206 milligrams of calcium, or 21% of the recommended daily intake for most adults, according to the Institute of Medicine. Each service contains 39 milligrams of vitamin C-43% and 52% of the recommended daily rates for men and women respectively.

Consuming More Greens Dandelion

Dandelion raw greens' bitter taste may take some getting used to, but cooking greens mellows flavor counts. Try their food in low sodium broth with onion cubes or chopped garlic, or steam them for a healthy side dish. Instead, the dandelion blend chopped vegetables with other leafy vegetables-like spinach or Roman lettuce-for delicious salad and dense nutrients. Add a handful of vegetables to your favorite soup, or use a few leaves of dandelion in a sandwich or wrap for flavor.

My favorite old school herbs in the last century green dandelion chill as the highest blood, construction and purification. When I saw them and recommended over and over again, I decided to do a little research on what makes them so big.

Here are the top 7 reasons I came up with to get the dandelion greens in my Juice and food plan.

It's bitter.
Why is that a reason? Excellent biters to clean the liver because the liver is considered 'drive' of the body and performs more than 500 different functions, and keeping it working efficiently is an excellent idea!

When the liver becomes slow and overloaded, it can't handle the fat way it is designed to do. Liver cleaning can help unwanted fats melt from all appropriate places.

Dandelion Green Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
Vitamins and antioxidants present in the green dandelion make them brilliant for the vision, skin and mucous membranes. It contains vitamin A more than almost any other vegetables.

Possible Cancer Fighter
Studies have shown the Dandelion root tea to be excellent for leukemia patients, causing 'kill switch' on leukemia cells.

Excellent Diuretic
Dandelion greens are fantastic to clean the kidneys, next help flow excess fluid from the body. Medicinal herbs are even recommended to help reduce kidney stones.

Dandelion Greens Help Stimulate Bile Production
As I mentioned earlier, dandelion greens are excellent liver cleaners. It also stimulates the flow of bile, working together to help the gall bladder as well.

Digestive Assistance
By stimulating the production of bile, the dandelion vegetable in turn helps serve as a mild laxative. It also helps to balance good bacteria in the intestines.

Comprehensive Immune System Booster
By helping to digest, load the body with vitamins and minerals, clean the liver and kidney, and even regulate the blood pressure, the dandelion greens builds the immune system in many ways.

The Health Benefits of Eating Dandelion Greens