Lovage is probably not as known in some parts of the world as in South-West Asia and Euro-Mediterranean where it is a popular cooking ingredient. Grass, which also has the scientific name of the Levisticum Officinale, belongs to the same family as parsley, and may have originated in the Mediterranean region of Europe despite its exact disputed origins.

Proven Benefits of Lovage

Nowadays, extensively cultivated worldwide, widely known for its many health benefits including its ability to support kidneys and joints. It can also help to ward off harmful organisms, soothe the digestion and improve your skin.

Its many health benefits come from an impressive array of health vehicles, including high concentrations of lemonade, camphor, eugenols, coumarin, and quercetin.

Historical Facts

  • It is known that Romans and Greeks have the value of lovage and use them for their therapeutic abilities. In particular, he mentions many of the old texts written by Apicius, Pliny, and Galen.
  • The 12th century has been used to relieve abdominal pain, heart conditions and gastrointestinal complaints such as coughing and congestion.
  • It has traditionally been used to reduce swelling and as a natural cure for abdominal pain caused by gas. It has also been used to treat children who suffer from colic.
  • It was used by the Salerno school as a natural remedy for liver support and jaundice treatment.
  • Traditional herbal practitioners Consider the lovage to be effective natural diuretic and also use them to treat kidney stones.
  • It has been used to purify blood naturally and is estimated as a natural cure for gout, rheumatism and skin explosions.
  • It has also been used in traditional medicine for headache treatment, migraine, sore throat, and even malaria.

What Are the Benefits of Organic Lovage?

Lovage has a number of medicinal properties including diuretic, expected, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory actions against microbes due to the presence of compounds such as quercetin, limonene and eugenol. These properties give love an amazing number of potential health benefits and after reading about them, you may feel more inclined to add to your diet. If you are interested in reading about the many benefits of this herb then read it on me.

1. Breathing and Lung Support

We can learn a lot from traditional medicine and long-term practitioners use lovage as a natural remedy for colds, congestion and other respiratory issues.

Lovage can help you overcome many respiratory complaints due to their expected characteristics. It helps to relieve the accumulation of excess mucus from the respiratory system and removes phlegm. This in turn makes it much easier for you to breathe and increase the amount of your oxygen,

It is believed to be effective because of the presence of the eucalyptol that has proven studies can reduce the irritation of the lungs in just a few days.

2. For Kidney Stones and Detoxify

Lovage acts as a kind of natural diuretic known as aquaretic. This kind of diuretic stimulates the production of your body urine produced and secreted without the usual loss of important electrical. For a person subject to a poison system, lovage can help by stimulating urination without the usual risks of becoming dehydrated.

This is probably why lovage has been used successfully in traditional medicine to help prevent kidney stones. Increased urine production and frequent urination helps to take out urology and helps to strengthen the strength and health of your kidneys.

3. For the Skin

Lovage is a well regarded as a tonic for the skin. It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it an excellent natural remedy for those who suffer from acne or chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis. Simply lovage adding to your diet will help to enhance the health of your skin but it is also possible to apply foliage or use them to make soothing salve.

Although there is no specific research into its efficacy to treat chronic skin diseases, it is a popular choice with some good anecdotal evidence. Antioxidants are also known to exist in the herb to help reverse cellular damage and to help prevent wrinkles and other signs that you are aging. It is also believed that increasing the flow of blood to the skin surface helps to improve its appearance and tone.

4. For Digestion

Lovage is the time to treat the natural number of common digestive complaints including gas, indigestion, stomach aches and pains. Their anti-inflammatory properties help them to soothe the bowel irritation and restore a healthy colon function.

Add some love to your salads or soup to avoid swelling the belly relieving the swelling and leaving the digestive tract happier and healthier.

5. Anti-Microbial Benefits

A study was published in the antibacterial effects of 1 medicinal plants published in 2011 and found that lovage was very effective against various harmful organisms including E, Coli, Salmonella and H.Pylori.

6. For a Join Pain

If you are one of the millions of people suffering from a common painful situation such as rheumatism, arthritis or even gout, I am sure that you have researched a number of natural remedies already.

You can add love to your list of possible natural treatments because of its excellent anti-inflammatory properties.
The great thing about natural anti-inflammatory foods like lovage is that you just need to add it to your diet and enjoy it. There is nothing to lose in giving it can help spice up the meal flavor and very unlikely to cause any unwanted side effects.

7. For Allergies

Lovage contains a composite called quecertin which is known to provide natural relief allergies. The quecertin prevents the release of the hysteria which occurs when you are exposed to the allergen. It works essentially the same way that the antihistamist pharmaceutical but comes with any of the most salient side effects which is drowsiness.

8. For Menstrual Issues

Most women will be very familiar with the side effects of menstrual period, for some, and these side effects can be very severe. If you eat lovage or take lovage supplements at the beginning of your period, it can help reduce some of these common effects including puffing and stomach cramps.

Lovage is also a healthy herb that contains a lot of goodness; it's rich in nutrients and antioxidants which can help boost your energy and improve mood during menstruation.

Cooking with Organic Lovage

One of the great things about lovage is that it is very easy to add this healthy herb to your daily diet. It will add flavor and give you a great food boost. You can use your foliage in your salads or to groish your soup.

You can use lovage in a place of celery in any recipes including celery but because its taste is much stronger, it is prudent to use only half of the amount compared to the whole amount of celery recipe required.

Possible Side Effects of Lovage

Lovage is considered to be perfectly safe for the vast majority of people to add to their diets. The only caveat is the only negative impact that has been consistently reported. Some people have noticed that regular consumer love has increased the photosensitivity of the sun rays.

8 Proven Benefits of Lovage