Benefits of Betel Leaf

Betel is a paper vine to piperaceae family, which includes pepper and kava. Value as a mild stimulant and medical properties. and can return using the betel leaf for 2000 years.

Betel tooth staining or marked for regular users. The custom of chewing betel nut, which is common throughout India, archipelago, including some places in Indonesia, consists of chewing betel leaf of Piper's Hill L, along with lime, some Gambier, pieces of areca or Pinang or betel. Chewing a mixture of these elements and gives the color of lipstick and saliva stains teeth.

Betel was used from ancient times as an aromatic stimulant wantiflatolint. Wenimatisidal fungi activity big oil. Foliage and oil traditionally used in herbal medicine in Asia and Southeast Asia. It's useful in apprehending secretion or bleeding and aphrodisiac.

Betel is also used in many common household remedies. Useful in treating nerve pain, stress and exhaustion. The juice will serve a few betel leaf with a teaspoon of honey a good tonic.

Invitation to the marriage by offering betel waltnbol and exchanges on the occasion of finalizing references engagement.

Betel leaf is way friendly and goodwill relations: the appropriate object for the machine. Acceptance among Parties indicates reconciliation, if they have led to strained relations.
Betel nut as it is known to cure a cough, bronchitis, and removes body odor, burn treatment and nosebleeds, ulcers, eye itching and red, sore and itchy, stop bleeding gums, canker sores, and eliminates odor, acne, and vaginal discharge.

And below a full review of the benefits and how to use betel leaves as a cure.

1. the cough medicine.
A group of 15 pieces of betel nut with three cups of boiling water until the remaining ¾. Then drink with honey.

2. bronchitis medicine
A total of 7 pieces of betel, a piece of rock sugar. Betel leaf, chopped, then boil with sugar rock with 2 cups water to boil down to 1 cup and then filtered. Cooking water taken 3 times per day, every 3 tablespoons.

3. body odor
Betel five leaves boiled in 2 cups of water to be glass and drink during the day.

4. burn treatment,
Water squeezed fresh papers, plus a little honey, and put in place.

5. bleeding in the nose,
Little young betel leaf are crushed one sheet of paper, folded to prevent bleed nose.

6. ulcers,
The taste of betel washed, ground into fine, applied on and around the ulcer, bandages. Changed twice a day.

7. red eye, itching
Five or six leaves in a cup of boiling water for boiling. After the cold to wash eyes with glasses eye wash. Three times a day until healed.

8. ulceration and pruritus,
A set of 20 pieces of stewed, when used to wash the scabs and itching in place.

9. bleeding gums,
Four pieces of leaves boiled in 2 cups of water, uses a rinse. For canker sores, fresh betel leaves as clean, leaves one to two chew up greased, is waste disposal.

10. bad breath,
A group of two to four betel leaves crushed, brewed, and used to gargle.

11. acne medications,
7 to 10 pieces of betel nut until finely ground, then brewed with two cups of hot water. Water used to wash your face with acne. Today I did two to three times.

12. discharge medication
A total of 10 leaves boiled with 2.5 litres of water, warm burrow is used for washing the genitalia.

13. diarrhea
Take 4-6 pieces of betel, six seeds of pepper, 1 tablespoon of coconut oil India.
Mix all ingredients together until smooth, then rub on the stomach. Repeat until healed

14. allergies
Ingredients: 6 pieces of betel, 1 slice ginger yellow, eucalyptus oil 1.5 tbsp. The trick, all terrestrial ingredients together until smooth, and then rubbed on the body is itching.

15. Whitish
Take betel 7-10. The trick, betel leaves boiled with 2.5 litres of boiling water. While still warm, betel is used boiling water to wash and clean around the genitals repeatedly.

15 The Usefulness and Benefits of Betel Leaf