Strobilanthes crispa or Javanese people is called "Sambang geteh ", while he's in the ground Pasundan known as "meat remek", and Ternate named "Lire".

Proven Health Benefits of Strobilanthes Crispus

Keji beling (Stachytarpheta cleanser) is a kind of moist plant that resembles cursoryly the straight grass stems. In Java I found this plant widely in rural areas that grow and bushes. The belt belly with the Latin name Strobilanthes crispus or Sericocalyx Crispus. is easy to reproduce in fertile and instead of the protected soil and in the open spaces that have a height of 1-1000 meters above sea level.

Plants strobilanthes crispus that pertain to bushes, usually a handful live but because I take at home deliberately planting grows regularly or can be said no cartels, rising 1-2 meters in adult plants. The morphology of the Strobilanthes crispus plant to be a circular stem, round rod shape with diameter between 0.12-0.7 cm, ragged hair, Monopodiale branching. Purple stem bark with green spots at an early age and turns brown after age. The types are categorized as one sheet, the opposite, the Oval paper shape to the oval, the smooth fur vegetation surface, the edges of the beringgit leaves, the pointy leaf edge, the leaf base, long blade ranges ± 5-8 cm, width ± 2-5 cm, short stems, feathery leaves the bones, and the color of the upper waves of the ice sheet is a dark green while the bottom is the light green. Flowers are compound interest, grain form, flower funnel form, four stamens, and color yellowish white flower. Strobilanthes Crispos, fruit-round, fruit if young green and yet old or mature black. For round seed, small size. Root-Ride the system, the root form like a spear, and white.

Evil crops (razor chips) is a terna plant that is usually cultivated by the local community as a fence station, can grow almost throughout Indonesian territory. This plant is also a chronic herbal wildlife plant that has many benefits for health in healing some diseases. In a vicious local language known as: Ngokilo, Anyah Kilo, Keci beling (Java), piceh shard (Sonda). From different studies known as base plants contain chemicals, among others: potassium, sodium, calcium, silicone acid, alcalaloids, saponins, flavonoids, and Polilenoi. Potassium works to urinate and destroy stones in yellow, kidney and bladder. Sodium is used to increase non-cellular fluids that cause increased blood volume. Calcium helps the process of blood clotting, as well as a catalyst for various biological processes in the body and preserves the function of cell membrane. While the silicone acid works on the linking of water, oil and other non-polar compounds.

This plant contains many minerals such as potassium, calcium, sodium and other metallic elements. Besides, there is also silicon acid, tanneries, and diabetes.

The potassium center contained in the noodles can shed kidney stones and gallstones. Items contained in diuretic papers can leave a diuretic to speed up the secretion of blood sugar, and destroy the lumps of cholesterol in the blood, which helps to facilitate the process of removing the stool so that it can act as a laxative. Besides the toxins that are allegedly contained in a sheet of shrunken can treat the mother's poisonous snake bites or black ants. It turns out that the benefits of this plant are unbelievable. should be preserved. Hopefully very useful

This plant flourishes throughout Indonesia and has many benefits for health and herbal vegetation. Strobilanthes Crispus is a grass plant and has a erect torso. This plant grows in fertile soil and is Open at an altitude of 1-1000 meters above sea level. The properties of this plant are purple stem; there are coarse feathers, while on the surface of leaves and soft hair.

Feeding Strobilanthes Crispus

Based on the search, this plant contains many chemical components:

Potassium 51%
Calcium 24%
Sodium 24%
Ferum 1%
Phosphorus 1%
Papers containing vitamin C, B1, B2

Scientifically speaking, based on the chemical content, some of the diseases that can be cured include the following:

1. Maintaining overall health

College is a very important organ in the body. The only way is to consume the chips because in this plant there is potassium is very good for kidney health.

2. Destroying gallstones

The presence of gallstones would disrupt the performance of bile and neutralize toxins. However, no need to worry because, with Strobilanthes Crispus, the gallstones can be cured. Itself with the maintenance of kidney health, potassium content also serves to destroy gallstones.

3. Increase the volume of blood

If you suffer from lack of blood or anemia, you should try the ingredients of this strobilanthes crispus. The sodium content in this plant can increase the cells that cause the blood to grow.

4. Speeding up blood clotting

This plant is also used to accelerate blood clotting due to the high calcium content.

5. Prevent cancer growth

With growing age, many deadly diseases. One of them is cancer in the benefits of aromatherapy for cancer patients. If you or your friend suffers from cancer, give herbs that Strobilanthes Crispus for the growth of cancer cells and hampers.

6. Overcoming Diarrhea

This plant also has benefits to overcome diarrhea. Children often suffer from diarrhea until the age of majority. If not treated properly, then those suffering from diarrhea will be dried and affect the symptoms of a more serious disease. Therefore, this plant is consumed to deal with diarrhea.

7. Maintaining the health of the liver.

The liver has a function to detoxify the health benefits of honey. By taking the liver, it'll be clean.

8. Lowering cholesterol

High cholesterol is very harmful to the body. Potassium and sodium content in chips that help to reduce bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Then, you may want to read foods that low cholesterol level

9. Itching due to larvae and ants

No need to worry if you're a cell because of maggots or ants. Because with some leaf this plant can hinder the itching it suffers. The only way is to apply the sheets to the itching skin.

10. Diabetes

Diabetes or high levels of sugar can also be treated with this strobilanthes leaf.
How to use the chips

This plant can be consumed in two ways in the health benefits of strobilanthes chips, eaten directly or boiled.

Take 3 pieces of Strobilanthes Crispus.
- Clean Laundry
- Add 1 cup of water
- Boil up the cup ½

Beware of Strobilanthes Crispus

The health benefits of Strobilanthes Crispus have a high potassium content of 51%. Potassium has a role to reduce blood pressure in the high health benefits of regular blood donation. Therefore, if you have a history of blood pressure, be cautious in using herbs from this plant. Because it can be your blood pressure will go down and it's dangerous for your health.

Proven Health Benefits of Strobilanthes Crispus