Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Beware Signs and Symptoms of Skin Cancer Melanoma

Cancer Melanoma

Check for signs and symptoms of skin cancer melanoma. Moles can actually be a sweetener a person's face, even sometimes associated with the character of a person according to its location.

But keep in mind, a Mole can develop into cancer. Moles cancer malignancy called Melanoma Maligna. In women, melanoma (moles) tends to appear on the arms and legs, whereas in men, there is a lot more at the back of the body. This disease can occur if there is a recurring irritant in a mole.

The International Cancer Research Agency has focused research on a mole that grows on the skin. An existing clinic in London has been using a tool to simplify detection of mole catching moles.

Recently, King's College London reported that there were at least 100 people who have melanoma are at risk of esophageal cancer. While in the United Kingdom, at least 1,500 people died of diseases of the skin and affected approximately 132,000 people affected by cases of melanoma each year.

Cancer Melanoma

For that, you need to look out for if a your mole showed symptoms of change that leads to malignancy. The symptom is as follows:

1. Its size gets larger
2. Color grow dark
3. Experiencing inflammation
4. Changing color as the spots
5. Bleed
6. Were open
7. Itching
8. Pain

When there is a sign above, you should immediately consult a doctor. Moles can be diagnosed by biopsy or analysis of a mole, that is, for examination in the laboratory to ensure there is cancer or not.

If the cancer has not spread, a Mole can be taken fairly mild through surgery. But if it's already spread; needed surgery and chemotherapy or radiation. Increasingly early changes into malignant moles, the higher the level of his recovery.

Now, some things can be done to prevent cancer in moles, namely:

First, avoid the skin exposed to the Sun from 10.00 until 16.00. If out of the House at this time, do not forget to use a sun protection cream (cream UV protection) to protect the skin from ultraviolet light or avoid adverse effects of the Sun.

Second, immediately check your moles to the dermatologist or surgeon if there are changes as above. Please note, the cancer on the mole rarely found on small children or blacks.

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