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How to Prevent Angina Pectoris

That day, Dina (32) ask permission home faster than his Office. Since morning, Dina felt dizziness and nausea. "Seems like I'm catching a cold," he said at Fahmi (35), her husband over the phone.

Arriving at home, Dina ordering chicken porridge as well as hot tea to ease unpleasant body. After kerokan, he smeared the eucalyptus oil to the rest of the body, before go to bed.

Kerokan is a traditional Javanese therapies believed to help pull out the wind from the body. The trick is to apply the oil to the rest of the body, and then draw the body by using a coin to reddish, in between the ribs on the back.

Off the evening, Dina has yet to wake up also, Fahmi who just came home office. Looking room, beds are still in place, Dina-down, but ... already do not breathe again!

Her face is bluish, apparently, Dina withstand pain shortly before his last exhale. In addition to panic, her husband also confused, as far as he knew, during this health condition Dina fine. Even his wife was classified a nimble woman has a myriad of activities every day, thus, what Disease claimed the life of Dina?

According to Dr. h. Djoko Mahendra M, DSPD, DSPJ, internist and cardiology experts from the Central Pertamina HOSPITAL, experienced Dina is Angina Pectoris. Ordinary Javanese people call it a disease of the wind Angin Duduk. The symptoms are indeed similar to catching a cold always, only slightly heavier. Not surprisingly, this disease tends to be on leave.

This one disease apparently was not catching a cold. “Commonly referred to as Angina Pectoris wind is one of the symptoms of coronary heart disease, which if not immediately treated the sufferer can simply died just in time 15-30 minutes after the first attack," Dr. Joko reminds.

Therefore, the deaths that occurred at all are not the result of these wind oil, as did Dina, but because not detected abnormality in the heart of the sufferer. Whereas, if after the Office of Dina went straight to the hospital or doctor, not even a completely home kerokan has nothing to do with the disease, perhaps his life still survives.

The characteristics of dizziness, nausea and bloating experienced by sufferers of Angina Pectoris indeed barely disease similar to catching a cold. Only sufferers also felt chest tightness, pain in the solar plexus, the sweat out of corn, as well as the body feels cold. Unfortunately, this is often not realized as an indication of a disorder at the heart of a critical nature.

According to Dr. Joko, 20% of the complaints of angina pectoris are promptly sent to the doctor or hospital turns out to be detected as acute coronary heart disease. This disease is a disorder on the heart due to abnormalities in coronary vessels, so that the blood is not capable of delivering the necessary substances needed by the network of the wall cavity of the heart. Therefore, if not detected early on, the sufferer can experience sudden death.

Disease angina pectoris itself in the form of prolonged uncomfortable feelings which occurred more than 5 minutes; due to the decrease in blood pressure pumping of the heart. As a result, the heart needs more oxygen. Because the heart is not able to pump up perfectly, the blood vessels hold the recovery in the form of reaction to contractions sufficient oxygen to the pump filling the heart, the contraction that is causing cold sweat on the skin.


The real source of the problem lies in the narrowing of the arteries of the heart (vasoconstriction). This constriction caused by four things:
  • First, the existence of mounds of fat (atherosclerosis) in the blood vessels resulting from consumption of high cholesterol.
  • Second, the blockage (thrombosis) by cells of frozen blood (thrombus);
  • Third, Vasoconstriction or narrowing of the arteries due to the continuous seizures.
  • Fourth, infection in the blood vessels.

"The present lifestyles of the less healthy and irregular is the trigger"
A stern Dr. Joko. According to him, nowadays people tend to:

1. Forget the Importance of Sport

Less or no sport ever will hamper the smooth metabolism of the body. As a result, the deposition of fat that can slowly clog its speed the flow of blood to the heart.

Meanwhile, many people are now claiming to not have enough sports time, keep yourself from the of obesity (over weight) also plays an important role for heart health, since excess fat can minimize motion pumps the heart, ( your waist is your heart, once the Javanese ... you are the health waist you).

So keep your waist size, as all types of fat accumulate there in the stomach. For women, a maximum of 80 cm, and for men, a maximum of 90 Cm, because keep your diet, avoid Junk Food, multiply the intake of fruit and vegetables as well as fiber.

This condition also applies when he's working out extra hard (like soccer, which sued ran back and forth continuously), it also triggers the heart beating and the blood moves quickly, and if he had a blockage in her body is unknown, then the incidence of ruptured blood vessels will overwrite it (such as the late Benjamin. S and Basuki, they died while playing ball).

Danger ... when it's 60 years of age should already not suitable anymore for the hard kind of sports so that light, just like walking, jogging, gymnastics, cycling, sports or relaxing breathing, etc. The last of the habit of smoking and consuming of alcoholic beverages also negatively impact on the heart especially when carried out this ugly habit since the age of adolescence.

2. Live in Conditions of Stress

Keep away from stress, can also prevent us from coronary heart disease, Because, in a State of stress performance of body and brain are being forced to work excessive so body condition always weary and portion breaks reduced. "The lack of rest can result in thickening of the blood, which can increase hormone adrenaline; consequently predictably heart attacks more easily happen"

People that emotions also noteworthy (always grumpy ... at any time), Because, in a rage (brain heat, breath Hunt, heart pounding, sometimes until the body shakes, the blood moves fast), if the condition of the blood moves quickly, while There is a blockage in the blood vessels ... wow. .. Imagine the blood will gather in one place (blood vessels) and because no strong hold the large number of blood vessels which came a smooth that broke and it was predictably straightway would collapse or could die.

3. Often Slept Late at Night,

4. Often Tried Various Unhealthy Dietary Patterns.

There are many choices for healthy living, God gives us something extraordinary, every disease is definitely God gives the cure, but that's not the case, the pattern of healthy living and we have to live a balanced, "Preventing more better than cure. "

There are some tips that we can do to prevent angina pectoris, hopefully useful:
1. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day
2. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
3. Avoid stress, and always wait
4. Multiply fast
5. Sufficient Sleep and exercise routine and tried

In conclusion if we eat a lot of sweet foods like chocolate, sweet tea, coffee milk, a beverage cans, etc. Try once a week or a few days once the bitter drink like water sambiloto leave, packed pare, drinking ginger, packed onion White, etc.

And if we feel often eat fatty foods or excess such as meat, offal, often packed with high levels of carbohydrates so fast as often as possible to compensate, or drinking honey or drink/eat black cumin (habatussauda).

That's a couple of ways of doing a healthy lifestyle to cope with and prevent angina pectoris or Angin Duduk and other diseases that result from growing bad habits of our daily way of life.

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