Amazing Benefits of Purslane

Purslane can be grown in any place; can be on the side of the road, on the sidewalk between the walls, even in the mud to the side of the sewer or in a ditch. This plant can almost live anywhere, from tropical to sub-tropical regions.

That means that this plant is found in almost many countries in the world. Plus the many benefits, the plants that are "easy to grow in many countries" have been named as the WHO priority as a world medicinal plant.

That is, if there is no medicine or far from the nearest hospital or clinic, this plant can be used temporarily as an initial treatment or it can be recovered. Moreover, many villages in parts of the world are still far from hospitals, clinics, or medical centers, even far from small towns, for example in Africa or in the interior of Asia.

But with this plant they can easily find it and then remove it to be used as medicine. So it is well suited for easy-to-live plants wherever it becomes the WHO priority world medicinal plant. The good news, this plant also grows wild in Indonesia and can be used as food or medicine.

We often ignore some wild plants that grow in the backyard or in the bush. Few know that some of them are drugs that are sought after by many people to treat their diseases.

One of them is a plant called Purslane (Portulaca oleracea) or some call it a weed purslene.

So, some of you must have seen or met him on the roadside, or in bushes, even growing around the house, but not infrequently removed and thrown away because they were considered "garbage plants" or a kind of disturbing grass.

Not infrequently Purslane was removed and thrown away, perhaps because Purslane was considered an ordinary plant, which usually grows in rice fields, roadside, at the edge of a sewer or ditch, until in the mud, then plants that are considered like grass are just thrown away because only weeds , even considered the grass family.

Purslane has many names throughout the world depending on where it is mentioned by local residents. Purslane is also known as Resereyan or sometimes referred to as an "ordinary bracelet". In Persia it is called khorfe, in the western countries it is known as common purslane, verdolaga, little hogweed, red root or pursley.

Physical Characteristics of Purslane

To find out the characteristics of this plant is very easy. But keep in mind that plants that have many benefits also have something that looks similar and TOXIC. That will be discussed later.

The physical characteristics of this plant, if it is old enough, Purslane stems are purplish red, fat and thick. The leaves are also thick and fleshy, and the flowers are yellow sulfur.

Purslane plant leaves are single leaves with an oval-shaped green, or shaped like water droplets, that is at the tip and blunt base.

The edges of the leaves of plants that have many benefits are flat and fleshy, having a length of about 1-3 cm and a width of 1-2 cm. While yellowish flower Purslane is a compound flower or has a lot of flowers, and is located at the end of its branches.

Purslane plants also have green petals, crowns, and wings. Heart-shaped Purslane flower crowns have 3-5 white and yellow pistil heads.

Purslane belongs to the Portulacaceae family of plants and has many species that were originally named Portulaca.

Purslane can reach a height of 50 cm and is usually used as a plant to feed livestock. About 40 varieties of this plant have been cultivated.

There are several Purslane species such as Portulaca amilis (in Paraguay), Portulaca biloba (Cuba), Portulaca caulerpoides (Puerto Rico), Portulaca kuriensis (Yemen), and many others. In Indonesia it is usually the most grown species of Purslane cultivar and Portulaca oleracea.

Benefits and Uses

This plant has even been known throughout the world as an edible plant while having health benefits. Purslane contains important antioxidants and vitamins. In addition, Purslane also contains a large amount of protein which will give you enough energy.

The following are the benefits of purslane plants for health:

  • Omega-3. Loaded with Omega-W fatty acids, it has the ability to protect you from stroke and heart disease.
  • Reducing ADHD in autistic children and other development problems.
  • Vitamin A. contains the most vitamin A from all green leafy vegetables that can really protect you from cancer.
  • Calcium and iron. Loaded with calcium and iron which is very important for bones.
  • Beta Carotene. Contains seven times more Beta Carotene than carrots.
  • Vitamin E. contains six times more Vitamin E than spinach.
  • Contains large amounts of vitamin C, magnesium, riboflavin, potassium and phosphorus.

Note: However, people who suffer from urinary stones are recommended to avoid consumption of Purslane because it contains Oxalic Acid. Oxalate is a natural substance that can be found in some vegetables that can crystallize as oxalate stones in the urinary tract in some people.

In culinary

Even though Purslane is considered a weed in the United States; it is also eaten as a vegetable leaf, has an acidic and salty taste, and is eaten in many regions of Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Mexico.

Purslane is also used as a dish in India, Yemen, Greece and many other countries. In Europe, it is cultivated as a vegetable at an altitude of 1800 mdpl.

Purslane can be consumed regularly, and can store it in the refrigerator for about 3 to 4 days, but it is recommended to consume it when the leaves are still fresh and not withered.

Other Uses

Purslane plants can be used as natural insecticides. This is because Purslane contains tannins, phosphates, and mainly contains large amounts of magnesium.

Besides Purslane also contains iron, aluminum, manganese, calcium, potassium, and sodium, and even contains urea which can kill insects or insects.

As Medicine

Purslane is used as a WHO as a list of priority medicinal plants in the world, and 23 countries have used this plant. In Chinese, this drug is known as ma chia xian.

In Chinese pharmacology, it is said to cure dysentery. In addition, it is sedative, urine laxative, and a tonic.

There are a myriad of uses or benefits of Purslane plants in general as drugs or as painkillers, including:

Headache, stomach ache, painful urination (painful urination), dysentery, inflammation of the intestine (enteritis), burns, pain / inflammation of the ear, insect stings, skin sores (ulcers), severe itching on the skin (Pruritus), Eczema, Abscesses, Colitis, Appendicitis, Skin infections (Dermatitis), Shingles, Fever, and also for Diabetes.

Beware! Plants like Purslane are Poisonous

Meanwhile, from the Vegetable Police youtube account, there are plants like Purslane which are poisonous and can be deadly. The account also states that you are alert, not just taking it to be used as medicine or for consumption.

Beware! Plants like Purslane are Poisonous. In the middle of the leaf is a dark color, like dark brown.

In general, this plant is indeed similar to Purslane. But if observed, it turns out the leaves in this plant are different. In the middle of the leaf is a dark color, like dark brown. In addition, the stem is also slimmer and the leaves are also very thin. But the growth remains flat like vines and there are also roadside edges.

Strength of Purslane Seeds or Seeds

Purslane is square or round, green, and has many seeds.

The seeds are small round shiny, black. Root system of purslane plants, namely taproot.

To plant these plants, can use the seeds that can last long. Purslane seeds are very strong, so they can live up to 25 years.

So if you try to control the number of Purslane because it is considered a weed, weed, or pest plant, one thing is certain: do not remove the seeds.

Because if the seeds are loose and fall to the ground, it will likely grow again, either now or later in a few months or maybe years. So if the Purslane seeds are still healthy in the fabric but have not yet grown, then the chances of growth are still very large, up to the next 25 years.

Amazing Benefits of Purslane to Traditional Treatment

Lose Weight without Dieting

Want to lose weight but are lazy or don't want to bother to go on a diet?

Usually, it is certainly not possible Yes. As we know, one way to lose weight effectively, in addition to sports, is to do with the principle of setting a specific diet or diet.

Well, these diets usually have a way of working that tend to make most people find it difficult to apply continuously or feel depressed, so do the diet could not be the optimal result.

Thus, if do not want to go on a diet but also to weight down, how?

Lose Weight without Dieting

Some of the ways you can do to regulate his diet. It is certainly different from the diet because it is only implemented a few things or get used to eating patterns alone.

Although not as effective as do diet or exercise extreme tight enough, but some way below could be the basic way of losing weight is good enough and not infrequently will support a pretty healthy diet.

3 Powerful Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting

Some surefire way that is able to lose weight without diet are:

Give Priority to Choose Foods that are Low in Calories

Low in Calories Content

The basic principle in weight loss is a sensible calorie intake is lower than the calories out. In the diet, it is plain mean with eating.

Instantly reduce feeding diets will tend to make us feel depressed through diet. Rather than do so, choose the type of food that is low in calories could be a way that super sniper.

Low calories content of foods you can consume in large quantities without any effect on the increase of body weight. Low calorie foods that are selected with the right kind of also can still give a sense of fullness in the body longer.

Some types of foods low in calories that you can select are:
  • Vegetables are low in calories and high in the liquid, such as cucumber, lettuce or tomato
  • Vegetable soup with vegetable broth
  • Daily food prepared with low-fat cooking method, such as animal or vegetable side dish that is baked or boiled.

Avoid Foods with Sugar, Salt and Excess Fat

In addition to choosing foods that are low in calories, content of foods that contain lots of sugar, salt and fat are the foods that you should avoid.

These three types of nutrients can increase appetite and make the body less able to control appetite.

Some powerful tips to reduce your consumption of foods containing sugar, salt and fat are:
  • Limit sugar consumption a maximum of 4 spoons or portion of a day, or fried oil no more than 5 servings and salt is no more than 1 teaspoon.
  • Avoid choosing sweet snacks or drinks bottled in packing
  • Use table salt so the use of salt can be controlled
  • Do not choose method to cook fried, fried flour or use coconut milk.

Eat More Often

The last way to let the weight down without dieting is by eating more often. This is precisely why it is recommended?

Eat more often, with a pause time is right, both for the main meal or snacks, is a pretty powerful way so that food intake becomes more controlled and more regular appetite.

It also makes the body's metabolism is able to adapt to the good work so that the function of organs and body systems can be more optimally.

Tip: Try to eat the main 3 times a day with a pause between the time the main meal about 6-7 hours. Between each of the eating time, or 2-3 hours after the main meal, the consumption of snacks that is low in calories and free of sugar, salt and fat, so that weight loss can be achieved by more optimal.

Simple but Effective, 3 Powerful Ways to Lose Weight without Dieting

Benefits Basil for Passion Sex

Benefits Basil For Passion Sex

Benefits Basil For Passion Sex. Various ways can be done to be able to beatify beloved partner, especially in sexual matters.

Typically starts with a natural way to enlarge penis by consuming foods that contain certain substances to improve sex drive and desire significantly.

About the achievement of sexual arousal, men can try the following plants are believed to make the surge desire for sex is becoming more powerful.

Health benefits of basil leaves, the plants are included in the ordinary shrubs and growing in the yard of the house in the form of a bush that smells fragrant and distinctive.

In Indonesia, basil is widely known to the general public but unfortunately not many people know about the benefits that good for health, especially improving one's sexual performance.

Benefits Basil Not Only Passion Sex

Basil leaves benefits which can not only improve the performance of sexual desire can be described as an example, oil of basil can help restore digestive disorders, intestinal infections, vomiting, inflammation of the stomach and gas in the intestines.

Even for disorders such as pain in the head area of ear pain, migraine, fever and neurological disorders like depression, hysteria, insomnia can be treated with an extract of the leaves of this basil.

Now the benefits of basil leaves for the male sex drive is very great usefulness, especially that act is 1-8 Sineol compound contained in the leaves of basil to treat symptoms of premature ejaculation in modern times who now have more and more men are threatened by the disorder.

Besides the Sineol compound, the content of Apigenin Fenkhona and Eugenol contained in basil leaves can help strengthen penile erection. While the substance Arginine which also exists in the basil leaves can help improve the health of the sperm cells and prevent infertility.

Not only for men, women will get good benefits when consumed regularly basil leaves, such as by substance anetol and Boron could stimulate the growth of estrogen as well as with compounds Eugolnya will help treat vaginal discharge in women caused by fungi.

Not only that, Stigmaasterol compounds will stimulate egg maturation good for female fertility while Tannin substances and Zing helps reduce the secretion of vaginal fluid and clitoris, which added more substance Tryptophan is able to delay menopause in women who consume and feel the benefits of this basil leaves.

Basil & Exercise Benefits for Optimal Passion Sex

Turns plant basil plant is not usual in addition to the fragrance enhancer sex drive, so use your best in order to get a good health, especially for your sex drive.

When you today are intended to improve performance not only with natural ingredients can naturally also practice how to strengthen the penis in order to get a better sexual satisfaction with your partner.

A blend of natural exercises and natural materials such as benefits of basil leaves is very suitable to be applied and is one of the keys to success to increase your harmony with my beloved partner.

If you liked the article benefits of basil leaves in improving sex drive is simply Recommend and give us your comments.

Benefits Basil for Passion Sex

Ageless Secret Recipes

Ageless is something I've always coveted by every woman everywhere in the world. It has a fresh and toned skin, as well as a fixed face looks cute has always been a dream. No wonder many people willingly do care even though forced to have to spend tens to hundreds of million dollars for the sake of looks young and fresh. But, not all women are willing and able to undertake the expensive treatments.

Well, for those of you who don’t want to create wasteful care, in addition to following some tips youthful in a natural way that we wrote before, you can also follow the simple ways that performed the famous artists who have such a youthful face Titiek Puspa, Desy Ratnasari, to Yuni Shara to older artists; While the artists from among the younger ones, there are top names like Bunga Citra Lestari, Dian Sastrowardoyo, until Agnes Monica who always steal the attention because it has the face which still look cute in her age who are not young anymore. What is the secret to youthful artist famous for Indonesia?

Tips for Ageless Famous Indonesian Artists

Titiek Puspa

Who is not familiar with Titiek Puspa, born Cape, South Borneo on 1 November 1937 is now 80 years old. But every time we saw it on the glass screen, his face looks like an old woman with close-set piercing still looks toned. And gorgeous, as are the physical not like an 80 year old woman.

What the hell is actually a secret artist at once ageless singer and songwriter?

Artist whose original Sudarwati (which subsequently became Kadarwati then Sumarti) has declared some of the secrets of his durability. Among other things,

Do not consume drugs excessively. The reason why Titiek Puspa worked at several times the name was because he often was ill at the time of childhood. But instead of drinking a homemade remedy factory, he more often drinking turmeric or other herbal remedies to address the pain that had befallen him.

Reducing meat consumption. The secret of youthful artists Titiek Puspa next is reducing meat consumption and increased consumption of fruits and vegetables. According to him, he only consumes meat once a week.

Titiek Puspa is not fond of consuming tea and coffee. The other secret is, he does not like it or not too often consume coffee and tea. As we know, both of these drinks contain caffeine and have diuretic properties that can reduce body fluids through urine.

Reproduce white water and love to smile. It's been no secret in plain water could provide many benefits for your health and good too to keep the skin moist. No wonder when the skin Titiek Puspa still look toned and youthful until at the age of 80. In addition, always smiling can help give you a lot of happiness and could help avoid stress.

Desy Ratnasari

The current name of the Desi Ratnasari indeed rarely we hear in the world of entertainment. Because public figures of the birth of 1973 has decided to pursue a career as a politician and become the people's representatives in the Government.

But one thing that never changed from him is, his face still looks young, not much different from when he was often featured on the glass screen as a singer first. What are the secrets of ageless Desy Ratnasari?

According to him, there are three important things that he always applies for maintaining healthy skin. Among these are:

Avoid hot sunlight. Sunlight can indeed damage the skin and cause premature aging. According to health experts, the Sun is not too good from 10.00 until 15.00 hours the afternoon though still is able to provide a number of advantages.

Enough rest. According to this, Sukabumi woman healthy living patterns that he applies one is fairly routine and rest every day. According to him, the healthy lifestyle could help him keep appearing interesting and attractive in her age that is not young anymore.

Choose healthy foods. A secret of Ageless Desy Ratnasari next is food. To meet the nutritional needs, Desy Ratnasari more chooses natural foods such as fish compared with supplements.

Indonesian Famous Artist

Meriam Bellina

Older artists who until now still looks ageless other Meriam Bellina. Summarized from several reputable websites, these are some of the secrets of Ageless performer Meriam Belina could be the inspiration for you in maintaining healthy skin and face.

Meriam Belina was born on 10 April 1965. It means that in 2018 it, her age has reached 53 years. Artist singer and star of the ad that initiated his career becomes a cover girl on magazines this girl got some tips so you can have the body stay in shape and keep the skin toned like him. What's it?

Avoid sugary foods and drinks. According to Meriam Bellina, interviews already for a long time he was not hooked to consume food or sweet drink and contain lots of sugar.

Rarely consume meat. From a young woman who greeted the familiar “Mer " this rarely admit to consuming meat, especially those that contain lots of fat. He claimed to have never even though consuming goat meat.

Remain active exercise. According to him, the most important thing to keep the fitness and health of the skin and facial beauty is exercise. Even a sport as the number one activity to support a healthy lifestyle. Meriam Belina claimed to still continue to exercise at least three times a week to maintain fitness.

Yuni Shara

Yuni Shara is one of the many artists who until now still exist in the world pull votes. His youthful always makes us wonder, what the heck is actually the secret to ageless Diva Indonesia? It turns out the secret is pretty easy to do, in maintaining and caring for the skin as well as her beauty Yuni many use Aloe Vera.

According to him, to eliminate subtle wrinkles or signs of premature aging, he routinely uses Aloe Vera to serve as a mask. Often also used to tackle various diseases like cholesterol to ulcer.

Nafa Urbach

There are two main secret conducted the Nafa Urbach to maintain fitness and beauty, namely:

Always happy, According to him, happy is the key to maintaining healthy and to keep a wide range of diseases.

Exercise, Nafa Urbach admitted since High School hobby already exercising. One type of sport you like and still do to this day is boxing. Born in Magelang year 1980 is also often practise Muangthai Boxing and lifting weights.

Wulan Guritno

Wulan Guritno was born in London (United Kingdom) in 1980. Current age 38 years was up. At a young age not to mention, Wulan Guritno still looks pretty and toned. Quoted from several sources, here are the secrets of ageless Wulan Guritno:

Exercise, his diligent workout can help her stay fit and healthy. Among the few sports options favored by the mother to three children this is Yoga and Zumba.

In addition to sports, he also presents some other food like keeping secrets, keep your mind stay positive and happy, as well as maintaining the heart.

Sophia Latjuba

Sophia Latjuba native named Sophia Muller is the artist of Indonesia born West Berlin 1970th. At the age of 47 years, the mother of two children (Eva Celia Latjuba and Manuella Aziza Villareal) is apparently still look attractive and beautiful. What exactly is being an ageless secret of famous artist Indonesia?

According to him, there are 3 tips ageless which always apply it to keep his performance, namely:

Yoga, in between times, he always tried to take myself to perform different movement’s yoga to smoothen the flow of blood and oxygen circulation in the body. In addition, he also became one of the fans of the sport of badminton.

Travelling, the streets can help reduce stress. Travelling is one of the activities that he has chosen to help keep the stress is not easy.

Choose healthy foods. Here's the kicker, it turns out that Sofia Latjuba is a fan of food alamilhon. It can be seen from various photos that often he uploaded on social media accounts. In addition to maintaining the body's health and beauty, the reason Sofia Latjuba prefer natural meals consisting of fruits and vegetables is because he is also a lover of animal activists.

Remains ageless according to experts

Nearly all the secrets of ageless artists above also recommended by health experts if you want to have a skin toned and healthy, we are encouraged to avoid: junk foods, beverages that contain lots of sugar, which is a diuretic drinks like coffee, reduce meat, and abstinence from drugs that many contain chemicals.

Instead, health experts stressed the US to exercise more often, many consume vegetables and fruits, avidly drinking plain water, as well as living a healthy lifestyle with regular rest, avoid stress, and keeping the mind in order to stay positive

In addition to the above, you also get to look ageless by changing haircuts, applying natural makeup, and choose nice and trendy clothes.

If possible, use the latest models of women’s clothing that is beautiful and charming, which are made of quality materials so that your appearance looks more ageless and fresh.

Ageless Secret Recipes of Indonesian Famous Artist

Just 5 Minutes to Lose Weight

Lose weight without exercise or have a slim body without diet, could it be? A question that is often asked by those who lazy to exercise or too afraid to feel hungry, but still insist on wanting to have a slender body. It turns out that it's not something that's impossible because researchers from Japan have been knowingly expose his secret. Only 5 minutes, how to effectively lose weight from Japan without following this diet and exercise will make you dumbfounded.

Nowadays more and more people who find difficulties keeping their ideal weight due to lifestyle factors and the food they choose. What is the cause?

In recent years the internet and gadgets languid, very easy to make the information obtained. The ease of making a lot of stuff growing around us, one of them is culinary. More and more artists to look busy dabbling in the culinary world by opening a cake shop or food stall (restaurant) as a farm business.

The artist's habits are inspiring more people to do the same. As a result, food is increasingly popular and increasingly sought after. But unfortunately, it is thus negatively impact our health.

We are not eating more frequently without control and sometimes look no matter on the materials used. We care about are merely “it's you" just delicious.

In fact, the ingredients used to make a wide range of cakes and food plays a major role in triggering a variety of health problems in our bodies. White flour for example, in the medical world and culinary is considered a source of simple carbohydrates that are poor in nutrients and fiber. Bibliography of food made from white flour, potentially making the weight gain in a short time. Not only that, the use of a variety of sweeteners, ranging from natural sugar to artificial sugar and a preservative is the co-designer of aggravating our body weight.

The second thing that makes us difficult to maintain ideal body weight is a lazy to have activity. Never mind the heavy work which requires us to always be mobile to burn energy, do activities like walk alone we sometimes reluctantly. We always like to fast and always want easy, so, instead of walking, a lot of us who prefer the vehicle to travel, even to places nearby though.

The condition is getting worse because in addition to a lazy move, we're lazy exercise. In fact, sports is one of the activities that could improve the mood, giving a feeling of happy, helpful to release stress, maintains ideal weight, thus helping weight loss for those who are experiencing over weight.

Although it had an unhealthy lifestyle, enjoy culinary, to lazy to exercise, but nonetheless there are still many people who aspire to want to have a skinny body. Well, for those of you who want to appear slim but too lazy to exercise and does not hold hunger, you may be interested in the techniques of weight loss a la Japan without following the diet and exercise.

How to effectively lose weight without exercise and diet

Almost all over the world people are struggling cope with obesity. Instead, Japan Society thus looks different. They are one example of a country that most of its people live a healthy life with your ideal weight and stay fit just by doing small changes in their lives.

The actual life style as what they apply? In addition to the factors in the choice of healthy food, Japanese society also often doing small changes can have a major impact in their lives. You might not be unfamiliar with the kinds of Tabata workout at created by one of the Japanese named Dr. Izumi Tabata, who is currently regarded as one of the best exercises to lose weight in a short time.

But aside from Dr. Izumi Tabata, there is still a lot of people are finding different ways Japan effectively deal with the body in a short time without spending a lot of energy as done by Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi. These are the findings of one of the doctor's original Japan that will could change your life for the better.

What the invention of the doctor?

A doctor named Japan origin Toshiki Fukutsudzi, want to arouse the awareness of the importance of us having a good posture. He tried to convince us that bad posture has many side effects.

Based on this, he tried to do the research and then the result he pour into a book. The heartfelt book that he has helped many people in overcoming the problem of obesity and belly due to abdominal muscles are not working.

Later, book by Toshiki Fukutsudzi about how to effectively lose weight became one of the best-selling books in Asia. Toshiki Fukutsudzi doctor has helped patients with fixing the problem in the backbone using a method which he found to reduce fat around the waist.

How does it work?

If you are familiar with the world of sports, you certainly know how important it is customizing the abdominal muscles so that we could lose the fat in that area. Not only that, you would already know if the muscles are instrumental in forming the core of the body in order to lose fat overall, so your body will look so much better and more balanced. The doctor confirms that, strengthens the abdominal muscles is the core of weight loss that he found.

What advice Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi to strengthen abdominal muscles?

If you want to reduce the weight of the body at the same time want to have perfect posture, you only need two things only:

  • Towels, and
  • Time 5 minutes

The towels will be rolled up to the shaped like a pipe without holes. Then use straps or insulation to tie it so that the towel rolls not apart.

After that, place the roll of towels on top of a flat surface and hard, such as on top of the mattress (exercise/yoga) or on the floor. Then, lay down a towel with the position just below the spine. You can see an example in the picture below.

Lose weight just 5 minutes
image source :

Once you sleep on your back on the position, expand the feet as wide as the shoulders, then keep your fingers away from the body so that a straight line with the ankle (raised).

Do the same thing with the hands and fingers. Position the two arms straight above the head with fingers close together like the position of the person praying.

Once You are in the position of the body as in the picture, try to do a little stretching, keep your posture in order to remain in that position.

Keep for approximately 5 minutes. Body slimming movement this will probably feel a little uncomfortable or painful initially, but along with the more often you practice it, you will get used to it.

To get the best results (flat belly and slim body), Toshiki Fukutsudzi doctor recommends that we practice method to lose weight without exercise and without this diet as much as 2-3 times in a day.

By simply taking the time lying on the towel rolled up for 5 minutes (3 times a day), this simple technique will help you correct the alignment of the body. A similar results, which could be generated if you select the perform gymnastics pilates.

In addition to using techniques from Dr. Toshiki Fukutsudzi above, you can also lose weight or slimming quickly using the technique of hypothyroid diet which is also famous for powerful and effective way to address the excess fat in the body.

There is no harm if you tried how effective slimming body without exercise. Despite the paltry-sounding and very simple, but the effect is apparently able to make many people feel amazed. Remember! This is one example of "the little things that can make a big impact" on the lives of you.

After trying out how to lose weight on top and once your body look slimmer, you could make yourself appear sexier by using sleepwear or trendy sexy lingerie that will surely make your husband was reluctant to depart from the room.

Just 5 Minutes! How to Effectively Lose Weight Without Diet and Exercise