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Traditional Herb Improve Sex the Most Potent and Rare

Traditional Herb Improve Sex

A number of foods are believed to be able to arouse sexual desire or aphrodisiac, a term associated with the goddess of love in the mythology of Greece, Aphrodite.

For example, oysters, strawberries, asparagus, coffee, to the illegal rhinoceros horn. There is also a growing yarchagumba in Nepal's Himalayan region away.

The wild mushrooms are believed to function as a natural viagra. However, society there not mengonsumsinya own. Most are exported to neighboring country yarchagumba, China.

Yarchagumba (Ophiocordyceps sinensis) essentially consists of two orghanisme: the larvae of moths “ghost's" Himalaya and fungus Cordyceps. Mold spores attack the larvae when he lived in the ground, killed him, and cause mold to grow on the head of the animal.

There has been no research done Western scientists, but Chinese herbal experts are convinced, that mushroom is an example of a perfect balance of yin and yang, as he was at once nutritious crops, to improve sexual ability.

Not only are directly extracted from nature, but a number of aphrodisiac herb is also presented in the form purportedly efficacious, which consists of a mixture of materials deemed reasonable to not logged in.

The following 4 herb plant sexual arousal which purportedly the most efficacious of the past, as quoted from the website of the Listverse, Thursday (7/12/2017):

Prescription of Ibn Sina (Avicenna)

Avicenna or Abu ' Ali al-Husayn ibn Sina was a philosopher, scientist and physician of the birth of Persia. He was also a prolific writer that most of his work is about philosophy and medicine.

Improve Sex

One of the medical prescription is a concoction of cake an aphrodisiac.

Here's the recipe: take the brains of 50 birds and pigeons, the yolk of 20 birds, 10 young chicken egg yolks, extract the meat of sheep that are pounded and squeezed, onions and roasted carrots, and butter in large quantities. Then, bake the dough into a sort of cake. Supposedly drank accrued if enjoyed with a glass of wine.

The herb is inspiring a thinker of Jewish, Maimonides and later developed the recipe became his own.

Maimonides then presented it on one of my patients. As it turns out, the result is just as good as prescription Ibnu Sina.

The Kama Sutra and Milk

Improve Sex with Milk

The Kama Sutra is an ancient book of Mallanaga Vatsyayana works. Its content is not just about the varied sexual positions, but also advice on the art of love-making and took pleasure in a variety of forms.

Kama Sutra widely used as a reference book in terms of romance and everything about romance relationships, including an aphrodisiac.

The last chapter in the Kama Sutra reveals that milk is the best food to arouse sexual desire. However, it is not pure, but milk mixed with sugar.

Warm milk and sweet mixed with various other ingredients recommended to the couple. For example, goat testicles boiled milk.

The author of the Kama Sutra, as well as the smart people are Greece, also believe in the efficacy of the onions on top of the bed.

Perhaps the most unusual aphrodisiac in the Kama Sutra is a ashwagandha or ginseng India supposedly it smelled similar to pissing horses.

The Secret Potion Casanova

Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, the Venetian origin of man from the 16th century it was known as the adventurous love and devotee of sexual pleasure.

It is said that, according to legend, he had a secret potion to maintain stamina in order to satisfy his. He often adds grated cocoa mousse to gambergris.

Casanova is not alone. Many people believe, add hot chocolate drinks on ambergris will increase your stamina.

The thing is, is it ambergris that?

Ambergris is solid similar to the wax produced in the gut sperm whales (sperm whales), either through defecation or flooded.

Although the origin of valuable exorbitant Ambergris, disgusting. The material was still being used as material for the manufacture of the world's most expensive perfume, scented liquid to make it durable and can menguarkan a unique aroma.

First, Ambergris is obtained by way of hunting sperm whales. However, the later mostly found washed up on the beach.

The question of the efficacy of ambergris as aphrodisiac, Casanova might be wrong. A study testing the ambrein, ambergris, components in mice males attest, substances that contain sexual stimulant.

The Ancient Roman-Style Viagra

Pliny the Elder was the author, naturalist, philosopher, as well as naval and Army Commander of the early Roman Empire. His monumental work, Naturalis Historia attempts to summarize all human knowledge in one book.

One of the interesting parts of his work is the medical solutions he can offer, including herb to overcome a scary interruption: a flagging libido.

The wool is moistened with the blood of a bat and placed under the heads of women will increase sexual appetite.

"Similar Usefulness are also obtained from Aloe goose, consumed with food or drink,” said he.

If men have a low libido, a way to raise it is by a number of ways.

The right lobe of the lung is a vulture skin cranes, wrapped, then attached on the human body. The herb was believed could be a powerful stimulant for the men.

The same effect can be produced by mixing the five egg yolks plus honey Dove, fat pig, sparrows or their eggs on food.

Another way is to attach the right testicle of birds coated RAM onto the skin of the body.

Not only stimulate the passion, there is also an herb Pliny the Elder to lower libido.

A lizard that was sunk in urine a man raises the effect of antaphrodisiac (the opposite of an aphrodisiac) to the owner of the piss.

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